Portfolio Design and Engineering

A portfolio is a showcase of your most impressive work, and whether you’re an engineer, artist, manager, or your role blends depending on what’s necessary for your company, your portfolio serves as a way of making clear your 🏆 accomplishments, 😊 personality, and 🎸 professional & personal interests in a way that is much more interactive and clear than a resume.

Case Studies


Arda Koyuncu

Javier Perez

Wanchana Intrasombat

Alyssa X


Alan Wolfe

Yining Karl Li

Bartosz Ciechanowski

Jason Lengstorf


Benedikt Bitterli

Niladrish Chatterjee


Depending on your engineering interests you may want something more or less programable, but the end goal should be to have a portfolio that’s 💃 beautiful, 🦄 unique, 🤫 succinct, and 😁 easy to update.


To be clear here, if I were to cover every impressive portfolio in the world this post would never end (After all, I follow more than 4000 impressive individuals on Twitter alone) let alone other social media like Artstation, GitHub, and if you’re determined to be as impressive or even more so, you too would also be counted among the individuals listed here, so get out there and make whatever you can!

More Resources

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