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How do I get started writing C++ projects? I have experience with JavaScript, Go, Rust, Ruby, etc. so what are the package managers, build tools, and libraries?

C++ is a systems level programming language designed as an extension to C, introducing classes, generics, object initializers, destructors and by extension Resource Allocation is Initialization (RAII), and much more. The language was designed by Dr. Bjorne Strustrup (@stroustrup) in 1985 at Bell Labs in Holmdel, New Jersey.

Pixel art is a large part of the legacy of game development. Every Pokemon game up until their X/Y series was rendered entirely with pixel art, Ragnarok Online (2000) was one of the first commercial works to feature 3D rendering along side pixel art characters. Even when early games tried to push the limits of 3D rendering such as Doom or Quake, they relied on Pixel Art based billboards to render their characters.

Limitations & Guidelines

Colors have 4 channels, R, G, B, and Alpha (transparency), and most modern devices use an 8 bit per channel (for a maximum of 256 possible brightness…

Overwatch is a game that focuses on teamwork. As a team you need to work together to wrestle control of a portion of the map from the enemy team by directing aggression and protect teammates as in the Tank role, hitting weak points in the enemy’s defenses in the Damage Role, and improving your team’s performance by healing your team as well as increasing their damage, speed, and keeping them alive when they’re in danger with the support role.

Now I’m not the best player of the game, I certainly don’t put in the hours upon hours a professional streamer…

Mortal Kombat 11 is one of the most impressive looking games to come out in 2019, with amazing facial animations, shadows, lighting, and postprocessing effects. That’s besides the fact that the game is really fun, with complex fight sequences and a thrilling storyline.

Because of Mortal Kombat 11’s impressive presentation, I just had to take a look at their renderer to see what’s powering those awesome graphics, and I’m eager to share what’s in it.

Note: This is not an official analysis of their renderer. …

A portfolio is a showcase of your most impressive work, and whether you’re an engineer, artist, manager, or your role blends depending on what’s necessary for your company, your portfolio serves as a way of making clear your 🏆 accomplishments, 😊 personality, and 🎸 professional & personal interests in a way that is much more interactive and clear than a resume.

A review of the rendering architecture of the new Minecraft RTX renderer, reviewing their implementation of A-SVGF, their path tracer, and their Deep Learning Super Sampling 2.0 implementation.

Minecraft is a creative survival game where you must mine for resources, build tools, farms, explore the world in search for valuable treasures, and build portals to neighboring worlds — the Nether and End.

It’s a social game as well, where friends from different platforms can join in to work together to build interesting structures, and an intuitive interface to program your own servers and mods.

Recently, Minecraft for Windows 10…

Apple Metal is Apple’s primary computer graphics API, and after depreciating OpenGL, the only graphics API supported and maintained by Apple.

While it is possible to render 3D graphics using basic HTML and CSS or with the Canvas API, there’s an alternative Web API for rendering detailed graphics with the same level of visual fidelity as that of video games.

Low level Graphics APIs such as Vulkan, Metal, and DirectX, are converging to a model similar to the way GPUs are currently built. Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) are asynchronous compute units that can handle large quantities of data, such as complex mesh geometry, image textures, output frame buffers, transformation matrices, or anything you want computed.

GPUs weren’t always like this, originally they were a set of fixed hardware based functions with very little programmability. This changed as applications pushed the limits of what these non-programmable systems could do, which warranted a race between GPU manufacturers and application developers constantly pushing…

WebGPU is a new graphics API for the web that follows the architecture of modern computer graphics APIs such as Vulkan, DirectX 12, and Metal. This shift in paradigm for web graphics APIs allows users to take advantage of the same benefits native graphics APIs bring, faster applications thanks to the ability to keep the GPU busy with work, less graphics driver specific bugs, and the potential for new features should they be implemented in the future either by vendor extensions or in the specification itself.

WebGPU is arguably the most complex out of all rendering APIs on the web…

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